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Photography, The New School, New York, USA


PhD, Ceramics, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


MFA, Ceramics, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


BFA, Ceramics, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


Choir, Hacettepe University, Ankara State Conservatory, Ankara, Turkey



The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

21st Century Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey

Haus Des Papiers, Berlin, Germany

Hostetler-Wrigley Foundation, Florida, USA

LVMH Collection, Paris, France

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland

OMM Odunpazarı Modern Museum, Eskişehir, Turkey

PAPKO Art Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

Salsali Museum, Dubai, UAE

Private collections in Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East, and Turkey





The Rightful Kingdom, Site-specific installation, British Embassy, Ankara, Turkey

Minor Vibrations on Earth, Ka Atölye, Ankara, Turkey



Minor Vibrations on Earth, Tate St Ives, Cornwall, UK



Living Inside a Tale And There Only, Zilberman Projects, Istanbul, Turkey

Interrupted Halfway Through, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Solo Presentation, UNTITLED, San Francisco, USA              



Jardin Particulier, Palais De France, Istanbul, Turkey

Mythos & Utopia, Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey



Solo Presentation, VOLTA NY, Pier 90, New York, USA



A Carriage Affair, Galeri Zilberman, İstanbul, Turkey

Solo Presentation, Art Basel Hong Kong Insight, China



Cabinet Of Curiosities, Cda-Projects, İstanbul, Turkey



Feeling The Blanks, Turkish Embassy Art Gallery, New York, USA



Attention! Fragile, PhD Graduation Show, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ankara, Turkey



Syste-Matic, Artist-in-Residency Exhibition, Thomas Hunter Gallery, Hunter College, New York City, USA




Young Fresh Different 10: One Must Continue, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



Erinnerungen An Die Fremde, Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey 



Existrong, Cda-Projects, İstanbul, Turkey 



Nearfar: The Reaction Interstice, Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, Ankara, Turkey




Fondazione Officine Saffi Award 5, Milan, Italy

Litografi, curated by Derya Yücel, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey

Hunter of Thyself, curated by Oğuz Karakütük, Versus Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey


Dialogues: Modern Artists and the Ottoman Past, curated by Deniz Beyazit, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Everything Will Be Just Like Now - Just a Little Different, curated by Derya Yücel, organized by Kolekta, Kuntslerhaus Bregenz, Austria

We Belong, Istanbul'74 Clubhouse, Bebeköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Souvenirs of the Future, curated by Ulya Soley, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Return to Ceramics, MOCAK, Krakow, Poland

A Momentary Absence, curated by Ela Atakan, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey



Witness of the Flow, curated by Derya Yücel, Ebru Yetişkin, Marcus Graf, Cendere Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Calling, 50th Anniversary Benefit Auction for IKSV, Christie’s, London, UK

Ivy, curated by Başak Şenova, Zilberman Istanbul, Turkey

Oeuvre and Grace, curated by Derya Yücel, Erimtan Museum, Ankara, Turkey

That Pause of Space, curated by Lotte Laub, Zilberman Selected, Istanbul, Turkey



Letter to a Friend, organized by Dou Printstudio, Ka, Ankara, Turkey

Haus de Papiers Opening Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Tempo Incognito, curated by Rana Öztürk, Depo, Istanbul, Turkey

Of Paper, curated by Selin Akın, Ferda Art Platform, Istanbul, Turkey



I’m an Eye, A Mechanical Eye, curated by Naz Beşcan, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

PAPER, Pilevneli Project Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, Turkey



House of Wisdom, curated by Collective Çukurcuma, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, UK

A Future of Travel - The Journey of the Artwork, NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey

First Round, Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul, Turkey

Unleashing, Curated by Livia Alexander & Işın Önol, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, USA



a good neighbour –on the move, Curated by Bernard Schwenk, Pinakotekh der Moderne, Munich, DE

Guest: Unexpected, Curated by Özlem Ünsal, Mixer Arts, İstanbul

a good neighbor, 15th Istanbul Biennial, Curated by Elmgreen&Dragset, Istanbul, TR.

Past Meets Present, curated by Huma Kabakçı and Mine Küçük, Anna Laudel Galeri, İstanbul, TR. 

Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland, Curated by Christian Oxenius, Osnabrück, DE.  

Tiny Office Art, June, Project by Suzi Erşahin, Consulate General of Sweden, Istanbul, TR

House of Wisdom, curated by Naz Cuguoğlu & Mine Kaplangı, Dzialdov Project Space, Berlin, Germany; İKSV; Framers Framed, Amsterdam, NL. 



O Zaman Renk! Curated by Selen Sarıoğlu, Artnivo Project Space, Istanbul, Turkey

Stay With Me Artists´ Diaries from Istanbul, 21er Haus Vienna

Ultrahabitat, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Printed 16’, Mixer Arts, Istanbul, Turkey

Nature Morte, Curated by Marcus Graf, Plato Sanat, İstanbul

Stay With Me, De Kijkdoos Public Space, Amsterdam



Uyuma Dayan / Stay With Me, Tütün Deposu, Istanbul

With His Feet Resting Heavily on Clouds, Curated by Antonello Tolve, November- February 2016, Pescara, Italy

On, Curated by Marcus Graf, Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey

Minor Heroisms, Curator:Nat Muller, Galeri Zilberman, İstanbul

Thinking Currents, Curated by Leeza Ahmady, Seattle, USA



Stay With Me!, Apartment Project, Berlin, Germany                 

Sculpture Road to Miro, curators: Emre Zeytinoğlu, Nilüfer Ergin, Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey

Learned Helplessness, curator: Işın Önol, Bergsen&Bergsen Gallery, İstanbul



The Way We Were, curator: Ferhat Özgür, Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul



Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea, curated by Hasan Bülent  Kahraman, Seoul, South Korea 

Figure Out: Contemporary Turkish Arts, Artsawa, Dubai, UAE

Who Left? / What Behind?, Flying Broom, Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara



Ceramic Material And Material Culture, Flushing Town Hall, Queens, New York, USA

Untitled Original, Cda-Projects, İstanbul, Turkey



Relief Valve, New Agrarian Center, Oberlin, Ohio, USA



We Don’t Have Any Obstacles, ANKARA 3+1 Exhibition, Hacettepe University,  Ankara, Turkey



International Miniature Ceramics Competition Exhibition, Zagrep, Crotia



The Works From The New Generation of Turkish Artists, Hacettepe University Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

Multi-Cultural Identity: Cultural Heritage, Arts, Image, Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara, Turkey

2nd International Contemporary Mosaic Biennial, Buenos Aires, Argentina



34-06 Group Ceramics Exhibition, Toyan Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey



62nd The State Painting And Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey




Artist talk, moderated by Sinan Eren Erk, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Events: Practice of Contemporary Art - II, Metrohan, Istanbul, Turkey

Jury member, Mamut Art Project (2024)

Conversation with Gertrud Olsson, moderated by Seda Yörüker, Souvenirs of the Future: Tiles and Tales, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Conversation, moderated by Levent Erden, organized by Istanbul'74, We Belong, Bebeköy Clubhouse, Istanbul, Turkey


Conversation with Süreyyya Evren, Sıkışık Nazım: Sanat ve Edebiyat Arasında Minör Titreşimler, Ka Atölye, Ankara

Conversation with Oğuz Karakütük, Yeryüzünde Minör Titreşimler, Ka Atölye, Ankara

Artist-in-residence, Sis Residency, Ordu, Turkey

Conversation with Ebru Yetişkin, Yeryüzünün Meraklı Titreşimleri, organized by Nippon Paint, Mimar Sinan University Painting and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk, Yeryüzünde Minör Titreşimler, moderated by Billur Tekkök, Çağdaş Müze Konuşmaları no: 44, Başkent University

Conversation, A Momentary Absence, moderated by Ela Atakan, Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey



Conversation, Ivy, moderated by Çelenk Bafra, Zilberman Selected, Piyalepaşa, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk, Minor Vibrations on Earth, Tate St Ives, Cornwall, UK

Artist-in-residence, Porthmeor Studio, St Ives, Cornwall, UK

Conversation, Sustainability in Urban Noise, Akbank Sanat Curating Contemporary Art Program, Istanbul, Turkey

Conversation with Fatih Altuğ, Strata and Flora of the City, SeeSaw Talks, Ka, Ankara, Turkey


Artist Talk, Letter to a Friend, organized by Dou Printstudio, Ka, Ankara, Turkey



Lithography Workshop, collaboration with Dou Printstudio, Ankara, Turkey

Artist-in-residence, Gate-27 Ayvalık, Balıkesir, Turkey



Conversation with Anna Kallén, Curating Art: Objects Through Time, Accelarator, Stockholm, Sweden

Artist-in-residence, Iaspis Artist Residency, Stockholm, Sweden

Artist Talk, with Wendy Shaw on Interrupted Halfway Through, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany



Artist Talk, ‘Mamut SHOTS’, Mamut Art Project, KüçükÇiftlik Park, Istanbul, Turkey

Participant Artist, Dior Lady Art, DIOR

Lecture Performance, ‘The Notes on Hatayi’, Asian Contemporary Art Week, Dubai, UAE

Lecture, ‘Çağdaş Sanat: Çok Uzak Fazla Yakın’, Contemporary Art Meeting, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey

Jury member, Base 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

Jury, Young Fresh Different (2012-2018), Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk, moderator: Suela Cennet, Base Talks, Istanbul, Turkey

Workshop, Social City, Stockholm, Sweden



Artist Talk, 9 April, Montclair University, New Jersey, USA                        

Artist Talk, 13 March, Karatay Universitesi, Konya, Turkey



Artist Talk, Alev Ebuzziya – Burçak Bingöl, Moderator: Karoly Aliotti, 21 December, Base, Galata Greek School, İstanbul, Turkey

Conversation, Burçak Bingöl- Işın Önol, during Mythos and Utopia exhibition, 1 Nisan, Zilberman, İstanbul, Turkey

Jury member, Batıçim Painting and Sculpture Competition, Haziran, İstanbul, Turkey

Participant, “Ottoman Life” seminars By Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, 5 January – 2 February, Sabancı Museum, İstanbul, Turkey



Artist Residency by IKSV, Cité des Artes, April-June, Paris, France

Artist Talk, Abant İzzet Baysal University, 3 June, Bolu, Turkey

Artist Talk, Pera Museum, 12 March, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Talk, Plato Sanat, 17 March, Istanbul, Turkey

Founder Lecturer at Nesin Art Village, Şirince, İzmir, Turkey

Invited Participant, FIELD MEETING Take 2: An Afterthought, Venice Biennial Collateral Event, May 8, Venice, Italy

Jury Member, Young Fresh Different by Zilberman Gallery (2012-2013-2014-2015-2016)



Presentation, 10. Ufat Fotoğraf Günleri "Signals &Systems", 22-25 April, Bursa

Artist Talk, H.Ü. Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, 30 NIsan, Ankara 

FIELD MEETING Take 2: An Afterthought, Venice Biennial Collateral Event, Venice, Friday 8 May



Lecture Performance, ACAW, NYC, USA


Curatorial travel grant in Europe, Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey


Artist-in-Resident, Eczacıbaşı Sanat Atölyesi, İstanbul, Turkey


Cura Bodrum Residency, Bodrum, Turkey

Artist Talk, Tyler School of Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA


'Occupation: Curator’, workshop with Suzanne Jaschko, Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey



Artist-in-Resident, Hunter College, New York, USA


Participant, Workshops and Talks, 2nd Int. Contemporary Ceramic Sessions,

Buenos Aires and Obera, Argentina


Chorister, Koro@Modern Music Group, Ankara, Turkey


Chorister, Orfeon Chamber Choir, Ankara, Turkey

Burcak_Bingol copy.jpg

Burçak Bingöl uses the processes of tracing, copying, and re-forming, and she aims to construct new sets of configurations by de-structuring familiar representations. Within this culturally and personally charged scope of examination, her works emerge through a constant re-working of images, objects, and forms, converging in a repetitive act where fiction and failure merge. As such, their architectural, sensorial, and conceptual relations to space open up a research field of visual exploration. 

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