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Thomas Hunter Gallery, Ceramic Area, NY, USA, August 1 – 29, 2006


With beauty and contradictions, this is the story of systems that have dependence and function in their every little detail which make them so meaningless when apart but meaningful as a whole.


Aside from their basic qualities, the works have turned into a platform that has framed the process which captures the interaction –or battle- between "the maker" and "the work". It has systematically been developed and transformed by the different experiences of both in their respective environments.

The theme has emerged/disappeared in this un-secured situation.


While the structures, relationships, disappointments, possibilities, instant images, rhythm, dirt, beauty of the city were the inspiration for the maker, the resistance or cooperation of the medium is the most important factor to determine these works's fate.


Burçak Bingöl
NYC, 2006



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