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The Rightful Kingdom

October 7 - November 18, 2023

The British Embassy, Ankara

The site-specific installation titled The Rightful Kingdom took place at the British Embassy in Ankara parallel to Bingöl's solo exhibition Minor Vibrations on Earth at Ka, Ankara. While the main installation of the exhibition took place at Ka between October 7 and November 18, a part of the exhibition could be viewed at the British Embassy premises with the kind support of the British Council.

The installation featured two pieces: a large ceramic panel titled Avatar: St Ives Root - B's Rightful Kingdom, and an installation titled Rightful Kingdom.


Avatar: St Ives Root - B's Rightful Kingdom, 2023

Glazed ceramics

200x95x2 cm

Photo: Ertan İyiaksu

Avatar: St Ives Root - B's Rightful Kingdom is a part of the Avatar series, which looks closely at the ground, and what grows from there. It goes deep from where the artist’s body stands and explores new ties with the knowledge of the past and present between various geographies.

This work was formed with St Ives' flora; including Japanese camellia, Spanish bluebells, and Chinese goldthreads, collected by the artist herself and visually transferred to the ceramic surface. The reflection of all these St Ives' plants settles into her silhouette. The work also has handwritten excerpts from Barbara Hepworth's texts.

A Rightful Kingdom, 2022

Glazed ceramics, wood, glaze, brick

60x60x80 cm

Photo: Nazlı Erdemirel


Photo: Ertan İyiaksu

The work titled The Rightful Kingdom is one of the seven stacks from Minor Vibrations on Earth; Burçak Bingöl’s solo exhibition at Tate St Ives in 2022. In the work, there are references to the Cornish shores and landscape, as well as Hepworth's artworks with string.

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