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Volta NY 2015

March 5th – 8th 2015

Pier 90, New York, USA


Burçak Bingöl's practice interrogates notions of belonging, culture, identity, decoration, and production by blurring the boundaries between these seemingly distinct notions. What constitutes an object of decoration? What is a replica? At what point does an object start being itself? Where does functionality lie in objects? At the heart of Burçak Bingöl's work is this constant re-working of materials and objects to go to the heart of what we expect from the act of displaying and the consequent looking.


Building on what could be labeled as the first two components of the same overarching project, the third chapter of Bingöl's work, which debutted at the Volta, is a contructed museum, which consists of objects, documentation and visuals that blur the lines between fact and fiction, past and present, and personal and national. Literally deconstructing objects such as İznik tiles and re-combining and re-constructing them with her own works and pattern, Bingöl aims to re-think the notion of a museum and display. Thinking about the narratives of objects that are built by objects, her proposal takes the idea of an encyclopedic museum to its logical next step, personalizing and taking ownership of the very narrative. The project includes unique display mechanisms and labels that constitute an immersive installation by Bingöl. 

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