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Texts on Burçak Bingöl

Texts by Burçak Bingöl


by Ahmet Ergenç. April 2017

Mythos and Utopia exhibition catalogue text

by Ekrem Işın, February 2017

Myhtos and Utopia exhibition catalogue text

by Kevin Jones, February 2017

Pine Magazine

by Ulya Soley, December 2016

Today's Zaman 

by Alexandra Ivanoff, March 2015


Interview. March-April 2015

Finans Dünyası

by Irmak Canevi, 2015

Artsy Editorial

November 2014


by Sibel Oral. June 2014

Istanbul Art News

by Lale Muskara, June 2014

Lacivert Dergi

June 2014

Artful Living

Interview, September 2014


by Sidni Kohen, September 2014

Art Asia Pacific

by HG Masters, September-October 2014

Istanbul Art News

December 2013

Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia

Interview, 2013

Art Unlimited

by Neylan Bağcıoğlu, May 2011

The Guide Istanbul

by Suna Kafadar, 2011

Der Spiegel

by Von Michaela Nolte, 2011

Catalogue essay for the exhibtion

Kaçış Planı/The Escape Plan. 2012

Catalogue essay for the exhibition

Vargücü/Existrong, 2010


Article titled The Brief History of Arts & Crafts and Their Relations to Contemporary Art 

for H.Ü.G.S.F. Sanat Yazıları 20, May 2009

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